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Moving for Easier Birth

The most wonderful Molly O'Brien of is a source of great knowledge of the female anatomy, especially during pregnancy and birth.

I trained with her in 2020/2021, when attending births was hampered by pandemic restrictions. I wanted to share techniques with my clients that they could take into hospital with them, when they had to leave me behind.

This has become such an intrinsic part of my birth support that I offer it as part of my birth package as well as offering it as a stand alone package of two sessions either at Boddhi Clinic in Chambésy or in your own home.

You will learn pelvic balance techniques that will help to ease pain in the third trimester, gentle relaxation techniques to practice with your partner and techniques to use at different stages of labour and birth. you will learn how to assist your baby find an optimal positon before labour as well as learning how the pelvis moves during labour and how to assist the baby as they move through it by giving him or her as much space in the right direction, depending on their progress.

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