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Birth Support Package and Costs

Initial consultation

Initial consultation to determine if I am the right Doula for you.  


Birth Support Package

Should you decide to choose me as your birthing Doula, 300chf will be payable on signing the contract, 300chf will be payable 30 days before the birth and the balance being due no later than 30 days after the birth.  

Price: 1,200chf           Additional visits to be charged at 150chf per visit lasting up to 2 hours

Pre natal visits

Pre Natal Visits: 2 to 4 visits, at your home to establish our relationship, discuss expectations, concerns and write a birth plan. This will allow us to develop an understanding, share information and consider the options and choices we will face during this birth process. We will discuss comfort measures, relaxation techniques, strategies during contractions, positions for labour and delivery, labouring at home, transfer to your location of choice for the birth.  Should you wish, I will accompany you to one midwife / physician visit. 

On call

On Call: I will be on call from 2 weeks before your expected due date. I will be available on the number above 24 hours a day. 

Post Birth Support

Post birth support: I will visit at your convenience after the birth to talk things through and give you any support you need to welcome your baby into the family. 

Labour and birth support

I will come when you wish to be supported and will remain with you throughout labour and delivery and remain for a minimum of two hours after the birth.  

Should the labour be longer than 30 hours, each additional 5 hours will be billed at 200chf.  

Parking charges will be billed as incurred and there may be a charge for travel outside of the Geneva region. 

Other support

If you would like to have my support in discussing your birth choices, writing your birth plan, attending ante natal appointments or other birth related support, these can be arranged outside of the Birth Support Package at a cost of 150chf for a two hour session.  

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