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KG Hypnobirthing in Geneva with Deirdre Bowley

Why I teach Hypnobirthing:

Some time ago, I had the honour of attending a birth with a mother who practised hypnobirthing.  The birth was calm, relaxed and a truly positive experience.  The mother was in control, laboured in the birthing pool, instinctively took up birthing positions that helped her baby move through the birth canal and she was able to respond to the cues from her body to work with the baby during the delivery.  I want to give every woman the chance to bring this level of calm to their birth, however it happens. 


KGhypnobirthing teaches parents-to-be about the birthing process, how to release anxiety and fear as well as practising deep relaxation which can help regardless of the circumstances of your birth.  You will learn about the power of the. mind body connection and how it can help to remain calm and optimise the flow of hormones during the birthing process.  These techniques will be useful throughout your pregnancy and will stay with you throughout your life.  

Who is Hypnobirthing for:

Hypnobirthing can benefit every woman, whether you are alone, with a birth partner, hoping to have a physiological birth, know already that your birth will be a medicated one or are open to whatever comes.  


When should you start:

Hypnobirthing can help you through your pregnancy as well as in preparation for your labour and birth.  You can start this any time from the second trimester onwards.  The techniques become more effective with practice so start as early as time allows. 

To learn more about this process and how KGHypnobirthing can help you achieve an empowered positive birth email me at


I offer individual courses for 450chf which consists of 3x2 hour sessions or group courses for of 4 two hour sessions 300chf at Boddhi Clinic, Pl. de Chambésy 2, 1292 Pregny-Chambésy. I can also offer these courses at your home or by Zoom on request.  


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