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Tens Machine

What is a tens machine and why is it useful for labour

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The machine sends mild, painless electrical pulses to your body via sticky electrode pads attached to your back. Many women find this helps reduce the intensity of surges during labour.


Which tens machine do I offer


Why rent:

Swiss hospitals do not generally have tens machines and while you can buy them, it is unlikely that you will use the tens machine again, it makes ecological sense that these are reused if possible.  Each rental kit comes with a new set of pads. 


Process and cost

Once you have confirmed you want to have the tens machine, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for collection.  It is yours to have from week 36 onwards and you commit to arranging it’s return 2 weeks after your baby has arrived.  I supply the tens machine with a new set of pads which you will not return and a spare set of batteries.  The cost for this is 30chf. to arrange. 

Homeopathy Childbirth kit

What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy uses the energy of substances which can bring on symptoms in a healthy person to trigger the body’s natural defences.  It is widely used in Switzerland and remedies are available in most pharmacies.  


The 18 Remedy Childbirth Kit

The Helios Childbirth Kit was developed by Mary Aspinwall and is designed to be used by someone without prior knowledge of homeopathy.  It comes with an instruction booklet which explains how homeopathy works, how to choose the most appropriate remedy and how to give them.



Process and Cost

If you have prior knowledge of homeopathy you are welcome to rent the kit for 20chf from week 36 until 2 weeks after the arrival of your baby. 


I also offer a session to introduce you to the kit for 90chf including the cost of the rental. to arrange. 

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