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Homeopathy for pregnancy, childbirth and post partum

While I do not bring my homeopathy practice into every birth, there are times when it overlaps.

Homeopathy is a process that brings the body into balance, taking into account external factors, inherited factors, emotional states and physical symptoms. It is completely safe to use during pregnancy, labour and childbirth and can help with pregnancy symptoms, physical and emotional states during labour and post birth recovery.

Homeopathy support can be built into my doula support package but it is also available as a stand alone option.

My homeopathy for pregnancy and birth package consists of three scheduled appointments, one for each trimester where we will address existing symptoms and issues as well as plan for the next phase including labour and post partum. You will also receive ongoing support by WhatsApp where I can react to symptoms that arise during pregnancy and birth and provide support when required, whether that be issues relating to blood sugar, heartburn, pelvic discomfort or an acute illness like a cough or a cold that you wish to treat non pharmaceutically.*

This package for pregnancy costs 500chf and includes all homeopathic remedies throughout the pregnancy. This support can also be offered at a distance by Zoom.

Should you wish to explore the use of homeopathy in pregnancy, please do get in touch.

*my advice does not take the place of the advice of your medical doctor but homeopathy can be used safely alongside all other treatments.

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