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Postpartum Care - Every mother needs nourishment and support

Postpartum planning is an integral part of my doula support. While some women like to stay home and rest, others find company and getting out of the house meets their needs. Whatever your individual needs are, a good plan will help ensure that they are met.

Much of the focus around birth is on the arrival of the baby and once that baby is here, outside of it’s mother’s womb, the baby becomes the focus. It is hugely important to remember that the whole family’s needs should be considered in this postpartum stage.

I am very pleased to see that more attention is being paid to this stage of pregnancy and birth and that we are increasingly having conversations around this topic.

‘Why Post Natal Recovery Matters’ by Sophie Messager is a wonderful book which talks about postpartum practices around the world, throughout history, and how to build these ideas into your own pregnancy, birth and post partum plan.

As with any plan, the process of creating one, is as important as the finished plan. It allows you the time and space to consider your expectations, your needs and your options, to discuss them with those around you and put things in place that will meet your needs when you may not have the time for such reflection.

There are no essential elements to a plan and no one formula that will fit every situation, but it is useful to consider your needs under the headings of Rest, Food, Social Support and Bodywork.

My favourite postpartum support is the closing the bones treatment which I learned from Sophie Messager. With beautiful rebozos handmade in Mexico near the home of the mother in law of a dear doula friend, this treatment is a wonderful way of honouring of the body that grew this baby, a deep relaxation and restful moment, either at home or at the Boddhi Clinic in Chambésy.

Contact me if you want support formulating your plan and putting it into action.

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15 de mar.

Ever heard of a postpartum doula? Picture this: a guiding light in the post-birth haze, offering invaluable support to new mothers. From practical assistance like baby care and household chores to emotional reassurance and lactation guidance, a postpartum doula is your trusted ally in navigating the early days of motherhood

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