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Support for difficult situations

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Most of the births that I attend or support are positive experiences but there are times when this is not the case. I have experience in supporting people through difficult situations and have trained with other experienced birth professionals in this area. I also have a network of other people in the area who can I can connect you with, if their support would help.

Please do not hesitate to reach out ... there is a whole network of parents and professionals who will support you, willingly. This is the reason that many of us, do the jobs that we do. You are not alone.

There are times when the experience of birth, or part of the experience, leaves a parent dwelling on aspects of the birth, replaying moments, feeling heightened emotions or feelings of detachment when recalling or speaking about the birth.

Some parents awaiting the birth of their second child, are faced with these feelings around the birth of their first child, some people are reminded of other birth related experiences that cause them to experience intense feeling and sometimes these intense feelings are present after a birth.

Whatever the reasons for these feelings that are presenting as constant replaying, avoiding, hyper vigilance, anxiety or anger... if you want to address these, please reach out.

I have been trained in a neuro linguistic programming technique called 3 step rewind, which can help you to reframe the way your body and mind responds to the memory of difficult experiences.

The steps involved are

  • Having someone hear your story, should you want to tell it

  • Helping you to explore the changes you will feel when you are no longer experiencing intense emotions about your experience

  • Deep relaxation and revisiting the event while feeling safe and secure

The process will help you to reprogram the nervous system responses in your body, not taking anything away from you or your experience, but bringing calm.

In the words of one of my clients:

'The first session was just generally relaxing. I really felt a sense of security. being able to unwind and just be with the moment. The second session was transformative, I really could visualise everything you were leading me to remember, I was able to box it all up and place it in ‘storage’ in my brain, not necessary to be drawn upon anymore.. Ever sense have felt a really strong sense of calm'

I also have experience in supporting families who's babies are born before their due dates and babies who need extra care when they are born. Having someone on your side, to just listen, is what having the support of a doula is all about.

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